CAD ... related software and tutorials provides CAD related Java software (JNetCAD) and tutorials for three.js, a WebGL wrapper.

JNetCAD - Java CAD viewer and converter

JNetCAD is a Java application for viewing and converting CAD data. It's free for non commercial or educational use. It supports reading 3DS, BGF, DXF, JT, OBJ and STL and writing CTM, DXF, EPS, JSON, JT, OBJ, 3D-PDF, STL and VGF.
All im- and export modules are available as Java libraries, which give access to the geometries.

Learn WebGL with three.js

WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. (Wikipedia)
Based on the famous NeHe OpenGL tutorials, these tutorials will guide you step by step through hardware accelerated 3D browser programming with the WebGL wrapper three.js.

Latest news ...

  • [2024-07-22] Updated RaidaJTLoader (added support for ignoring transformations and 2 bug fixes)
  • [2023-01-25] Updated RaidaJTLoader (support for JT version 10.5, 2 bug fixes, allow hiding deactivated nodes)
  • [2022-06-27] Updated RaidaJTLoader (prevented class Matrix4d from obfuscation)
  • [2021-01-17] Updated RaidaJTLoader (4 bug fixes), RaidaJSONLoader (1 bug fix) and added RaidaGLTFExporter (initial creation)
  • [2019-06-09] Updated RaidaJSONExporter (added export of meta data)
  • [2019-06-06] Updated Raida3DPDFExporter (bugfix)
  • [2017-05-14] Updated JNetCAD, RaidaJTLoader and RaidaJSONExporter
  • [2017-03-01] Updated JNetCAD, RaidaJTLoader, RaidaJSONExporter, RaidaOBJExporter and RaidaCTMExporter. The CTM exporter creates files for WebGL like the JSONExporter but the CTM files are highly compressed.
  • [2016-05-01] Updated STLLoader
  • ...