PLM Services reference server

In the context of my master thesis at the PROSTEP AG the reference server of 'PLM Services 1.0' has been implemented. PLM Services (Product Lifecycle Management) is an OMG standard for the exchange of product data via the internet. Main point was the concept and the implementation of the server and a plugin for the connection to the OpenPDM Client.

Webbased AutoCAD DXF viewer

Goal was to develop a web-based DXF viewer, which has user and project management, lossless 3D visualization and provides a redlining function to mark content. The normal viewing functions such as zoom, rotation, translation, parallel and perspective projection, layer management, etc. may be also present.

STEP tool 'StructureExplorer'

As part of my job at Airbus, the 'StructureExplorer' has been implemented, a Java tool for loading _ps and STEP files. By default, it shows the product structure in a tree view. The most important attributes of the tree nodes are displayed. In addition, you can generate a HTML representation of the STEP files (STEP references are mapped to HTML links) or compare the content of two STEP files, deciding, which attributes have to be compared. Download here (1,53 MB).

Workflow administration and monitoring

While working as student worker for the CAPCom AG, the 'Admin Tool' and the 'MonitoringTool' have been developed. They work with the CAPCom own workflow engine via Java RMI and allow to start, interrupt or cancel workflows. The administration is done via a web interface. The image shows a screenshot of the 'MonitoringTool', which also accesses the workflow engine via RMI. It runs as a Java applet / application and visualizes the current status and recent history of the workflow.

Facility management: 'VirCamp'

'VirCamp' represents the virtual campus of the University of applied sciene in Darmstadt and allows to search for the shortest path between two rooms. Additionally information about individual rooms can be obtained.


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